Shattering Personal Glass Ceilings

We’ve all got one: a glass ceiling.

And we’ve all got a preferred temperature on our personal thermostat from which we don’t like to deviate too much, and if we do, we scramble to return to ‘normal’ so we can be ‘right’.

They’re a ‘ring pass not’ that ensures we don’t go past our comfort zones, even if doing so would result in greater happiness, opportunities, wellbeing, connection and adventure.

We set up all kinds of people, circumstances, jobs, health crises and even ‘accidents’ to be our glass ceilings and to make sure the thermostat doesn’t alter. We keep it all exactly the same. We look busy yet live the same lives over and over again, even if the names and addresses change.

Mainly the glass ceiling consists of your own resistance, and you could be very clever at distracting yourself from taking that chance and shutting / opening that door that you know you ought to.

It is constructed of excessive self-protection. It cleverly plunges you into endless ruminating until you’re paralyzed and you can ‘proudly’ say NO to change, risk, adventure.

Is this good enough, considering you may only have 10, 20 or 30 summers left to experience in your Life?

Is this good enough (or fast enough), considering the voracious pace of collapse and breakdown right now, as the future hurtles towards us and crashes into the present, revolutionizing everything?

“Tomorrow will be too late.  It’s now or never.” ~ Elvis Presley

Come on, won’t you shatter your glass ceiling and raise the tempo and temperature of your Life?

(c) Fatima Bacot All rights reserved.

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2 Responses

  1. An excellent Blog, dearest Fatima (as always). Definately thought provoking, into the personal need to look beyond our comfort zones and differentiating them. Selecting between stagnation, a simple survival or a life filled with choices, lived fully and feeling fulfilled.
    My own quote 😁”Placing my two ‘Gs’ in motion,to be grounded and guided, and my compass set in Soul direction”…
    With Love and much appreciation for your inspiring leadership .🙏💖💛💖

  2. Thank you, dear Silvia, for taking the time to comment! I am happy you found it thought provoking, as well as in alignment with your ‘two G’s’. Someone on FB wrote, ‘It’s never too late’, on the post about the above and I wrote back something along the lines of, ‘ideally yes, but sometimes it is too late’. We don’t make that phonecall, have that dance, write that book, forgive, undertake that course or trip we always dreamed of. So, yes, and in concert with the evolutionary energies, we must keep moving beyond our comfort zones and learn to operate there, knowing that one day, we will have run out of time. In appreciation of you xxx

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