Arguing FOR Your Limitations

You’ve more than likely heard this,

Argue for your limitations, and they’re yours

…which is to say,

If you defend why you can’t do/be something, you’re absolutely right

We all do it, though. We actively defend staying with what we know. We even resist when others are offering us solutions or ways forward.

We ALL do, and we say things like:

  • It’s too late for me to change
  • My problems are too difficult / more difficult than yours
  • I’m waiting for a sign
  • I’m waiting for another sign
  • I don’t have the [money, time, support, resources]
  • I’m too [tired, confused, overwhelmed, sad, depressed, unsure]
  • I can’t
  • I’m a mess
  • I have no clue where to start
  • I’m waiting for a full moon, an eclipse or Venus transit
  • I’m alone / I’m never alone
  • I am too busy
  • I’ve tried it before and failed
  • I can’t because I have kids
  • You don’t know what [I’m going through, have been through]
  • I’m not worth it
  • I don’t deserve [love, support, care, money, recognition, success]
  • I don’t have enough [love, support, care, money, recognition, success]
  • Nobody is interested in what’s happening for me
  • I don’t have the skills or knowledge
  • It works for you, but not for me
  • I’m too [sick, old, young, fat, thin, educated, uneducated]
  • I’ll be rejected
  • I’m too scared
  • I don’t have the willpower
  • It’s not fair
  • There is no point
  • Nothing ever [changes, works for me]
  • It’s different for me

Our arguments come from the decisions we made regarding past events and the habits formed, and we keep dragging them into the present and polluting it and our potential. We settle. We say, ‘There’s always tomorrow.’

But is there?

We argue out of fear: We fear the unknown. We fear failure. We fear pain. We fear letting go of our comforts. We fear success. And so we resist with a water-tight defense like we went to Law School!

What we don’t realize is that we are broadcasting all the time that what we say we want, doesn’t really matter enough to us. Not really. Not enough for us to act and reinvent so we can transcend the exhaustive / exhausting arguments and defenses. And we fill our heads to the brim with them!

Is it any wonder we fool ourselves with believing we are ‘too busy’? Isn’t it more that we’re ensuring we fulfill our own prophecies and choosing a more vacant, unfulfilling life?


Does Banksy ‘wait for a sign’?

Does Oprah ‘wait for a full moon’?


Whatever living a rich, rich life is for you uniquely, why argue in favour of still more limitations?

How many more summers do you believe/hope you have left?

(c) Fatima Bacot All rights reserved.

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2 Responses

  1. Well said! Often our ‘excuses,’ our self-limitations, are predicated on what did not work in the past. This brings to mind the lyrics, “Don’t let the past remind us of what we are not now.” Every day we awake with millions of new cells, new possibilities, as change is the only constant. We would naturally encourage a child to try again at whatever challenge, and so we must talk lovingly and encouragingly to our inner child and reassure her that she need not fear her dreams. She can create, in the words of Charles Eisenstein, “the more more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” Anything less is despair and not worthy of our inherent and unique gifts. Thanks for the reminder!

    • You are so welcome, Aysha, and thank you for all you wrote above! I couldn’t agree more with respect to how / why we hold ourselves back, trapped in the memories and decisions of the past, and that to speak lovingly and with encouragement to ourselves opens us to the world / Field of infinite possibilities, and in concert with all our new cells etc. Only we choose to stay in fear and thus in an interminable ‘ground hog day’. Yes, yes, yes, to creating that more beautiful world. Aysha, it is a JOY to travel with you in these times. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wisdom ~ Fatima xx

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