Hi, I’m Fatima Bacot.

My passion in life is offering training, guidance and support during one of the most exciting, yet difficult times in human history – where we are living on borrowed time within collapsing ecosystems and an accelerating Sixth Mass Extinction.

Working in the field of human potential for the last 25 years, I have consulted to, taught and trained 1000’s of purposeful individuals in private, in groups and in the workplace throughout Australia, the US and Mexico, and online globally.

After suffering my own burnout and simultaneously witnessing the worldwide escalation of systems collapse, I decided to turn my attention to helping those from all walks of life who are helping us successfully create new systems by providing transformational, life-changing experiences – that they might fully step into their power and and take aligned action.

To this day, it still surprises me how little we take care of ourselves as a necessary link and reflection of taking care of the future.  How we show up in the world, and from what belief system, changes everything.

Interweaving 25+ years’ experience, and using uniquely-tailored, science-backed combinations such as mindset, mindfulness, leading-edge science, ancient mysticism, epigenetics, metaphysics, body movement, sacred plant medicines, breathwork and travel, I offer bespoke transformational trainings and programs that empower clients. We together calibrate the regenerative conditions necessary for transformation and that are required right now to adapt, navigate radical change and be the innovators of new approaches.

With the overwhelming fallout from covid19 and the consequential global rise in depression, CPTSD, meaninglessness, anxiety and more… with the exponential rise of technology in all areas of our lives… along with the accelerating loss and degradation of the world’s biodiversity, there’s not a moment to waste.

Together we can create an even better story of us in a thriving planetary commons of empowered, connected communities, cultures and nations of rich diversity, difference, choices and harmonious cooperation through our very best, most switched-on selves.

I am a lover of personal development, yoga, sci-fi, dancing, photography and transformational travel.  Currently I am on extended travel.