Inspired by leading-edge science, ancient wisdom, nature and modern technology, we offer regenerative solutions for people and planet

Shambhalla Global is a Consulting and Coaching company.  We develop transformative leaders, workplaces and projects, making them more impactful and successful.

In the ancient Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra and in Hindu traditions, Shambhalla is a pure land, a City of Light, a mythical kingdom, and understood to be a place of peace, prosperity and wisdom.

For our times, Shambhalla is the out-picturing of an unprecedented opportunity to renew and regenerate humanity and the Earth in a new evolutionary paradigm and agenda.

We believe the world’s greatest challenges can be solved.  However, although change-makers, entrepreneurs and business owners are filled with vision and motivation, they can often also be drowning in a sea of information-overload, as well as experiencing enormous personal challenges, with everything needing to happen yesterday.

Our mission is to provide leading-edge content, along with the the how-to tools and strategies that inspire leaders to amplify and expand their impact.

Shambhalla Global aims to be that synchronising centre playing its part in the renewal and regeneration of the Earth for a sustainable planetary commons of thriving ecosystems and communities, for generations to come.