Leading-Edge Vision, Perspectives and Strategy for Living your Best Life

Do you realize that you already have it in you to be truly happy and abundant?

How would things change if you felt more worthy, deserving, confident and free?

Do you realize that doubt, insecurity, indecisiveness and feelings of being ‘less than’ stop you from deliberately flourishing and fully living your life?

How would a life defined by happiness, joy, clarity, confidence, appreciation, certainty, purpose and abundance look and feel?

What is the difference you could make if you weren’t blocked by chronic habits of shame, overwhelm, unworthiness, sabotage, fear, negativity and blame?


We are living in times of volatile, unprecedented, accelerating change, with many tipping points demanding change on personal and collective levels simultaneously.  It can be extremely challenging to find one’s footing.

If you are ‘feeling the pressure’, you are certainly not alone:  we are witnessing worldwide rises in depression, CPTSD, meaninglessness, anxiety and more.

However, no matter how tough things may seem or be, you have the inborn capability to live with full freedom, clarity, realization, creativity, connection, inner peace, abundance, joy, and purpose.

You can powerfully move through even the most turbulent times, giving your greatest gifts.

Life isn’t happening to you: it’s responding to you.  And it happens for you, not to you.

Some of the greatest wisdom from the ancient mystery schools, the world’s indigenous peoples, leading-edge scientists and personal and spiritual development leaders is that our thoughts, emotions and feelings matter and that life responds to us.

That is, you are not powerless.  Far from it.  In fact, the outcomes we experience in our lives arise from our most dominant beliefs and levels of vibration and frequency.  They also correspond to chemicals within our bodies to which we become addicted over time the more we reinforce those beliefs.  Together, all these become our identities, personalities, moods, values and experiences.  Ultimately, they become our lives, and we can make our lives a prison.

Living a More Fulfilling, Authentic Life

In order to live a different, more fulfilling life, essentially you must become a new person, with a new identity, telling a new story via a new set of beliefs, frequencies, chemicals, patterns, thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions.

It comes down to the difference between living from conditioned, habitual fear, anger, lack, unworthiness, stress, limitation and sabotage…and living from happiness, abundance, elation, astonishment, exhilaration, enthusiasm, appreciation and positive expectation.

If you really want to change your life, you need to upgrade your ability to consciously work to alter yourself from the inside-out and with the fast-moving energy of our evolutionary trajectory, rather than as a victim of circumstance, or expecting something or someone outside you to ‘fix things’ or make you happy.

That’s an old model of living and creating.

But….how to live from more alignment, passion, freedom and prosperity?  What’s the ‘code to crack’ so you can better flow your energy into enjoying the ride that is your life, as well as magnetically manifesting many more opportunities, ideas, dreams and possibilities?


It’s easier when you have a blueprint and a guide.

Fatima Bacot has consulted to 1000s of individuals in both personal and business settings. Interweaving 25+ years’ experience, and using uniquely-tailored, science-backed combinations such as mindset, mindfulness, leading-edge science, ancient mysticism, epigenetics, metaphysics, body movement, breathwork and more, she offers the unique combinations that will assist you to dissolve old patterns, navigate radical change and transform your life..

What is the Session about?

The Session is a roadmap designed to help you to transform sabotaging patterns and states, and assist you to cultivate a foundation to manifest your greatest dreams and share your greatest gifts.

Applying her capacity to intuit your deepest complexes and desires with incisive clarity, Fatima then constructs the components of your Practice so that Life can respond to you differently.

These same components, and others, are how she transformed her own background of trauma, abuse and dysfunction where violence against women, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual abuse were present. She resultingly manifested and transformed OCD, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, depression, a cruel inner critic and more on her road to personal freedom and has taught others how to free themselves of their own chronic dysfunctions and false beliefs by using the perspectives and strategies she’ll recommend to you.

“Fatima’s mentoring program has proved to be of great value and I believe she definitely offers things not available with other programs.  I know I have already gained far more than her fee. I am much more decisive and don’t second guess things anywhere near as much as I was starting to, making me more productive in all areas.  Fatima has unique skills in getting to the underlying reasons behind any situation.”  PL, Australia


How Does the 4-part Session Work?

  • Before the Session:

You will receive a comprehensive questionnaire that enables you to explore where you currently are and where you want to be.  Your responses can be as detailed as you like, covering your strengths, dreams, desires, current state of being, blockages, current Practice and any relevant life experiences.  Plan for a few hours to attend to this.

Fatima will review it and start the process of detailing how best to proceed.

  • Live Session 1:

Together you will get on Zoom for a 60-90min Session of sharing, openness and intuitive brainstorming and your pathway forward.  Together, you’ll review the questionnaire, working in depth to further determine desires, goals, time available and any strategies you currently use.  Fatima will lay out for you your Practice. She will provide a stream of insights, advice and personal recommendations for next steps, resources, tools and related healing modalities so you can breakthrough to your next level.

You will be invited to ask all your questions, and the Session will be recorded for you to make the most of your investment and to further explore your blueprint.

  • Live Session 2

And finally, you will schedule into your diary a date 1 month down the track for when you will go live on Zoom again with Fatima, having emailed her all that has changed for you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, covering the key area(s) you wanted to transform.  In this way, you are supported to value and be accountable to yourself.

After each Live Session

Fatima will send you your Recording, plus provide you with a detailed follow-up email, clarifying what took place during the Live Session, plus the steps and resources, PLUS an attached Daily Practice to assist you to implement your unique blueprint to cultivate your Freedom in 2020.


The fee for the above is $695 upfront, or 2 installments x $350


Is a Session with Fatima Right for You?  Are you Ready?

You are ready to work with Fatima if you want to take your life to new levels and accept that you are the Creator of your reality.  The Session is right for you if you are aware that you are responsible for all that shows up. If not, you are not ready to work with Fatima.

Overall, the Session assists you to deliberately learn to:

  • accelerate your Happiness, Growth and Mastery in all Life Areas
  • make a huge leap in Empowerment and Awareness
  • bypass baggage and reprogram yourself into your Joy, Power and Co-Creativity
  • learn the art of partnering with the Quantum Field and taking aligned, leveraged action to manifest your Goals and live all that is possible right now
  • witness yourself create and attract and further build confidence, worthiness and a blessed life
  • discover your Purpose and live your Highest Potentials
  • rewire and rescript your entire Life to reflect your inherent worthiness

 “For the past 15 or so years, Fatima has been a resonant, steady voice of wisdom in my life. She has shared her guidance and perspective on everything from making challenging overseas moves and romantic relationships to health concerns, lifestyle shifts and new directions in my work. An ongoing theme she has helped me to see from new angles is how to nurture my creativity — specifically, helping me see the thread that connects creative inspiration to life experiences, whether pleasant or not at the time; destined meetings; unexpected plot twists and promptings that seem to come from a higher source. No matter the subject, she always listens deeply and responds with eloquence and deeply perceptive insight, sharing her wisdom with great generosity. I have profound gratitude for all of the sage guidance she’s given me throughout the years and which continues to inform my life path going forward too. Perhaps most importantly of all, she always reminds me to stay open, keep growing and enjoy the ride!”  JD, Japan

Refund and Cancellation Policy

You are entitled to a refund up to 3 days before your scheduled Session.

About Fatima Bacot

At a time now of accelerating chaos, uncertainty and instability, Fatima inhabits the global space as a trainer, mentor and transformational travel facilitator to clients creatively navigate radical change, and to make an authentic difference for future generations.

She has consulted to and trained 1000’s of individuals in private, in groups and in the workplace throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online globally.

Her passion is to support individuals, business leaders and businesses to masterfully operate from a base of wellbeing, joy, responsibility and conscious agency to ethically participate in the co-creation of a thriving planetary consciousness.