Feeling scattered, disempowered, confused and as if your wheels are hopelessly spinning out of control?

Or stuck and unsure of the steps to take to get you where you want to be?

I get it.

Let me teach you how you can support your mental and emotional resilience, amplify your creativity and agility, and stay fulfilled, certain and empowered in times of chaotic, radical change.

Meaning of The Color Green

What is a Flow Consultation?

A Flow Consultation enables individuals, entrepreneurs, change-agents, leaders and people from all walks of life to powerfully access their natural Flow.

Flow is described as when you’re following your path of least resistance, and when you are doing something you really love and enjoy, and time just slips away. You find it easy and effortless, like water finding and winding its way to the sea, flowing over any obstacles.

It’s likened to being ‘in the zone’, fully immersed in an activity, with full focus and switched-on clarity and purpose. It’s a state of inspiration, motivation, and of being powerfully on-purpose, and anchored in one’s integrity and authenticity.

A Flow Consultation enables you to zero-in on your unique flow, and to get others into Flow as well. When your challenges, talents, values and skills are equally matched, you are in harmony and creating results.

It provides regenerative strategies so you can achieve your goals and make the greatest impact.

Tell me More about Flow

The Flow Consultation is based upon the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics systems, unique profiling tools created by Roger James Hamilton. They are based upon the I Ching, which translates as the Book of Changes and that is among the most ancient of Chinese classics, dating back 5000 years. It was originally created as a guide to help people restore flow and harmony in times of change, with its wisdom is based on change being a natural and inevitable part of life.

The psychologist Carl Jung researched it deeply and developed his work from it. Roger James Hamilton looked at Jung’s work, added in some elements from the original I Ching, and created Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics. In this sense, 5000 years of research and history have gone into their creation, but they’ve been given a very modern twist to apply to us now, pointing us to our true wealth and talents.

Who is the Regenerative Flow Consultation for?

  • Individuals who want to identify their natural talents, values and gifts so that they can be powerfully on-purpose, in alignment and successful
  • Individuals who want to know how to bring out the best in themselves and others
  • Individuals who want to transform out of outdated patterns, renew and regenerate themselves, and to step into giving their greatest contribution

What’s Included in your Session

  • On purchase of the Session, you will be sent a Link to complete your 25-question assessment
  • A 15-page PDF detailing your unique Profile that you can review ahead of your Live Session with Fatima
  • A 60-min strategy session where
    • you and Fatima run through your challenges, pain-points and goals, as well as your current strategies & tools
    • Fatima gives her intuitive, practical, uniquely-tailored strategy for you to reframe key areas of life, and for you to implement
  • The Session is recorded live on Zoom and will be emailed to you within 24 hours you can review anything you missed AND benefit from repeated listening.

Fatima Bacot is a certified Flow Consultant in Talent Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics with Genius U.