It’s no secret we are in the midst of dramatic, volatile change, and we may also have personally ‘hit the wall’ in our lives and businesses. Burnout, overwhelm, uncertainty and a sense of our efforts not being enough:  these all characterize our times.  We know we must change.

These next months and years are bringing greater challenges than ever.

How we make it through, the relevance and viability of our businesses, and the impact we want to make will come down to how quickly we can transform out of old patterns and our alignment with the future-focused, regenerative principles that lead us to new evolutionary models of behaviour, collaboration and success.

What is Regenerative Leadership?

Regenerative Leadership is an approach sourced in an holistic, living systems perspective that recognizes the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life, systems, communities, networks, people and ecosystems.  A Regenerative Leader leads with an inside-out approach of heightened self-awareness, personal agency and responsibility, and conscious awareness of the whole.

Regenerative Leadership is a stepping away from the dominant paradigm’s more egocentrically-driven, compartmentalized, controlling approaches that are currently undermining the stability of human beings and of the planet to support life.

Decisions are made based upon seeing oneself as integral to one’s environment, the impact upon the whole, how resources are used and for what purpose in a symbiotic system. It’s a recognition that decisions don’t happen in a vacuum and, in fact, have complex, intersecting, unpredictable (rather than mechanical and predictable) consequences, both positive and negative.

The term “regenerative leadership” is increasingly used to describe the integration of the thinking, feeling and the being of living systems. It involves changing beliefs, attitudes and practices, but not necessarily abandoning what is working well within more traditional leadership paradigms.

Transform and regenerate yourself and your business with step-by-step mentoring for increased success, and to make the impact you really want to make

We stand with you: Regenerative leadership - Citi Private Bank

It’s all About You…

  • Activating the Future
  • Resetting, restoring, renewing, re-imagining, redesigning and recreating yourself and your business.
  • Transforming the barriers that get in the way of your success by establishing a regenerative approach that helps you goal-set and plan for success and maximum impact.
  • Enhancing personal resilience and agency during times of upheaval and volatility
  • Learning the fundamental principles and values of ecological economics and regenerative leadership culture
  • Understanding the crucial macro trends, policies and agendas impacting your future and your business
  • Anchoring the mindset, skills, values, strategies, methods and collaborative tools used to formulate successful, new, regenerative solutions in your business


“Fatima guided me through a life transformation…to provide me with insight, encouragement and love to bring me to right place at the right time. What an incredible journey it has been, not always easy but definitely leaving me wiser, stronger, confident and excited about the future. I am so much more appreciative of all my gifts and empowerment and fearless in my power to move ahead, confident in my abilities to be the master of my own destiny.” Glenda M, CXO, Ooredoo Group, Qatar

How it Works:

1. We start with an Introductory Call

We connect to see if we are a good fit.  We do this by scheduling a complimentary 30-min Zoom call to discover why you’re seeking mentoring right now, and so I can share with you my approach.

2.  Our Session One

We’ll onboard you and dive even further into who you are, where you’re coming from, your current approaches, and map out and strategize your goals

3. Customized Coaching

Based on Session One outcomes, I then develop a program tailor-made just for you based on regenerative principles.  We’ll connect fortnightly to make sure you are achieving your personal and business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this For?

This is for those leaders who are feeling stressed, uncertain, and who want to be back in charge of their lives and their businesses. It is for those who are finding it challenging to stay balanced and on-purpose in the volatile times we are living in right now.  It is for those leaders who know they must evolve out of practices that are no longer working.

What is the Fee?

Packages for begin at $6,750. This includes 12 fortnightly x 60min Sessions over 3 months, as well as 3 follow-up sessions over the following 3 months.

What am I learning?

You are learning regenerative ways to take charge of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and to move them from any compulsion, the past, negativity, fear, worry and uncertainty into future-focused clarity, calm, certainty, empowerment and fulfillment.

All strategies are proven and used by millions the world over. I have used them personally in my own journey for decades, and they have been variously used by the 1000s I have consulted to worldwide in the last 15 years.

When can we start?

We can workshop that during your complimentary call.  We usually start within 3 weeks. A Client Form is sent out, with invoices and payment following, and Session One is scheduled.

What if I am new to Mentoring?

These strategies work for beginners, intermediate and advanced alike. Fatima guides you every step of the way and you will not only find yourself feeling calmer, more confident and on-purpose in all areas of your life. If they have worked for others, they can work for you, too.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Our lives can unexpectedly change. In instances of ill health, we simply pause our Sessions until you’re well enough to continue.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied, Fatima will provide a pro-rated refund based on the remaining Sessions for which you’ve already paid.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

You can send a message to or just book a call below.

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