Conscious, customized travel experiences supporting personal and planetary renewal in some of the world’s most exotic locations

More than ever, our return to travel isn’t simply about exceptional surroundings, activities, food and service. Recent research has shown that people have re-evaluated the critical importance of travel in their lives for their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as to provide meaning and contribution.  They now deem it more critical than they did before the pandemic.
Additionally, people no longer want ‘the same old travel’:  they are looking for authentic, impactful, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that take them far beyond convention and the ordinary.  Fewer and fewer are settling for commonplace vacation activities.
Travel must now encompass transformational, self-actualizing experiences and planetary legacy as desired factors in cultivating optimal wellbeing and happiness. 
Lightworker Expeditions aims to not only regenerate and connect you to your spirit, enrich your mind and rejuvenate your body, but to make a lasting difference.  It is for those who want to live their Fullest Potential and embody their Highest Soul Purpose. It comes out of the recognition of the deep need for fully embodied, life-changing opportunities to become, and live from, one’s True Self, as well as to make an impact.
Weaving transformational, high-octane wisdoms and teachings, diverse esoteric mysteries, energy-healing, activations and ceremonies in the world’s most stunning and sacred locations in concert with aligned collaborators, we support you to heal, awaken and live fully on-purpose in these unprecedented times.  We bring you re-connection, adventure, balance and transformation for all levels of your being, as well as the planet and its species.
During 2022 – 2024, we will variously explore, connect, learn, teach, and contribute:
  • Ancient Medicine Journey for Men & Women – Nov 2023, Mexico – HERE
  • Yucatan Lightworker Expedition – Nov 2022 HERE
  • Spain Lightworker Expedition – TBA 2024