At a time now of increased chaos and systems-wide instability globally, many are feeling enormous uncertainty, confusion and stress, whether within themselves, their lives, or within their staff and organizations.

It can be a time of overwhelm, burnout and fear of failure.

We can be experiencing:

  • escalating economic, environmental, resource and political instability worldwide
  • disruptive technological advancements (blockchain, AI), decentralization / globalization and internet hyper-connectivity
  • changes within our relationships, identities, labor forces, business structures, beliefs, sense of purpose
  • explosive interest in personal development

And simultaneously, there has never before been the global desire, mindset, technology, will, resources and capability to create and propel ourselves into entirely brand-new possibilities and potentials.

The Regenerative Workplace

Regeneration can mean unique, different things to different businesses.  A regenerative approach provides a pathway whereby workplaces can powerfully and holistically apply creative agency to their responsibilities, hold and enable space for how different people work and respond to change, support the whole team through invariable ups and downs, and create a mindful, proactive culture of caring, commitment and aligned purpose.

At the operational level, this means hacking and abandoning the customary, ingrained ideas of an organization as a measurable and controllable machine based solely on competition and recognizing it instead as part of an interconnected, cooperative network of relationships, materials, resources and supply chains at local, regional and collective levels.

The processes embed the internal-external foundational power to have an inevitable, positive, renewing impact on the systems in which all participate.


When applied to business cultures, regenerative practices and strategies invigorate and energize with benefits such as:

  • Reduced costs, absenteeism, procrastination, overwhelm, stress, unclear focus
  • Active, compassionate engagement among all employees of a given organization, whether large or small, resulting in increased collaboration, happiness and holistic, purpose-driven performance and contribution
  • Distributive and decentralized ways of operating and seeing the business as a whole
  • Reduced anxiety, tech-overwhelm, depression, PTSD
  • The elimination of waste and making the most of resources
  • Improved bottom-lines, productivity, wellbeing and impact profits
  • Enhanced calmness, accountability, clarity of mind, cooperation, creativity and innovation
  • Increased energy levels, time-management, focus
  • Increased adaptability and ability to move with fast-changing times

Fatima Bacot can offer a number of diverse, workshoppable options (whether IN-PERSON OR ONLINE) to suit your business, inclusive of:

  • Weekly or Fortnightly Regenerative Classes
  • 4-Session Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Program
  • 4-Session Level 2 Program on Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Half-Day and Full-Day Mindfulness and/or Regenerative Workshops
  • Video-Conference Training
  • 75-min Mindfulness and/or Regenerative ‘Focus Sessions’
  • 1-3 Day Workshops and Retreats


All the above can be creatively and exclusively put together to suit the unique needs of your organization.

“Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is extremely important to our office environment. After a full day session in Fatima’s mindfulness workshop, our teams have shown a keen willingness to improve their personal and professional attitudes through practicing mindfulness in their everyday lives. We have received spectacular feedback from all staff who attended and as a result we are discussing the implementation of quiet areas for meditation and simply taking a break throughout the office. These are the types of social improvements our business is constantly looking for to ensure the best results for our staff and clients alike. Thank you Fatima for a very enlightening and beneficial workshop.” – Andrew Hunter, CEO, CI Australia

“I was very impressed with Fatima’s warmth & her ability to connect with me as part of a group. And a beautiful voice for guided meditation.” TW

“We had Fatima spend a day with our staff members to introduce them to mindfulness practices.  Fatima’s professionalism, yet warm, friendly nature and soothing voice, made learning these new techniques very easy and enjoyable.  Each and every staff member came away with some very valuable tools that they will continue to practice and use in their everyday lives.” McCloy Dental